Random Bin Picking

RBP™ , random bin picking, is the first VGR technology to overcome the challenges of automating systems to locate and move parts randomly placed, jumbled and completely unstructured in generic bins. It provides solutions for previously laborious tasks which posed considerable problems for automation. Some problems include extreme part overlap and occlusion, significant lights variability and shadowing, shortage of distinct features on parts, and collision avoidance with other parts, tools and bins.

Features: RBP features unique abilities that increase robustness, flexibility and intelligence in VGR systems. RBP technology offers:

  • Multi Part Candidate Tracking – to offer a choice of identified pick-able parts.
  • Pick Candidate Re-verification – to enable efficient re-use of identified part from previous pick cycles
  • Multi Grasp Point Selection – to provide multiple grasping points and scenarios for a given part, while also increasing speed and accuracy when grasping each part.
  • Advanced 3D Range Data Analysis – to confidently move to and grasp parts without collisions.
  • Featureless Part Identification and Pick Up

Benefits: RBP technology provides the opportunity for significant cost savings and benefits, such as:

  • Profits increase with faster productivity, reduced capital costs and less down time.
  • Quality increases with reduced manufacturing error
  • Capital and maintenance costs are reduced by implementing generic, sustainable hardware. Part-specific custom containers and custom transport mechanisms are no longer needed.
  • Labor costs are reduced by reallocating labor positions.
  • Higher value positions are created for skilled development and management of robotic systems, with less chance ergonomic injury.
  • Less time is wasted on trial and error testing, and more time is invested running faster, flexible and scalable systems.

RVT Software In Action