The first 3D guidance for Universal Robots. Available now at unbeatable prices!

Need your collaborative robot to handle moving parts quickly and accurately? Tired of quotes for hundreds of thousands of dollars? collaborative Vision Factory™ (cVF), a new release from the premier producer of single-camera 3D vision guidance solutions, will guide your UR for less than half the competition will.

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Incredible Pricing

How much does this world class VGR system cost? Most companies will quote the vision software alone for $40,000, $60,000, or $80,000. That’s not even including the cost of camera hardware and the robot itself! Manufacturers looking for a vision guidance system under $100,000 were left holding their hats. No longer.

A Universal Robot with cVF vision software already installed costs little more than the robot MSRP. This is an unbeatable margin you will see nowhere else. RVT is so confident with their pricing, that instead of using sales trickery like saying “request a quote to see price,” they put it all up front!

UR + vision software + all hardware*







* shipping and on-site support not included

Introducing the best 3D vision solution and leading collaborative robot together in one package

Robotic Vision Technologies has partnered with Universal Robots to offer an all-in-one 3D vision-guided collaborative robot package. For the first time, you can power your robot with single-camera 3D vision.

As parts move through your manufacturing process, you must have complete and perfect knowledge of that components location. Otherwise, you risk defects in your part or malfunctions in your machines. Defects and repairs are major costs for any manufacturer.

Knowing where a part is at all times is expensive – it requires specialized conveyors and sensors, erector-set like contraptions eating up plant floor space. Thankfully, there is an easier and cheaper way.

The Universal Robot bundled with collaborative Vision Factory solves this problem without any investment in extra material handling hardware. Collaborative robots need no safety cages or even floor mounts. With vision, you can place the robot anywhere near the working surface and let the vision software take care of the rest.

Integrators are thankful too because they now have an option to deliver the best quote by minimizing a laundry list of expensive hardware line items with one robot package. And because the 3D UR bundle is so easy and versatile, the integrator is confident in their ability to install and support the system.

What is Vision Guided Robotics?

Vision guided robotic (VGR) solutions allow your robot to locate and pick up parts from varying locations often due to imprecise dunnage, or shifts in alignment as the part moves. Presenting the part in exactly the same position at exactly the right time is not simple or cheap. So why spend extra money for high precision part presentation? A VGR solution is less expensive and more robust.

collaborative Vision Factory™, the leader in single camera 3D for the Universal Robot

cVF Robotic Vision Technologies’ new 3D VGR designed specifically for the Universal Robot. cVF is based on RVT’s award winning eVisionFactory that is running on hundreds of systems for almost every major automotive manufacturer. It has been called the most precision 3D vision by a major OEM, besting 6 major competitors. And amazingly, many systems have been running for over a decade without any warranty claims.

cVF was designed with you in mind. Nobody has the time or resources to become an expert in machine vision or an advanced programmer. With cVF, you don’t have to write a single line of code. The software will automatically build a 3D model of your part so it can find it with pin point accuracy every time. 

How does it do this? Using just a 2D image, cVF looks for features like edges or markings to create known points on the object. Using its patented algorithm, cVF can determine the precise 3D location of that part with just one 2D image from one 2D camera.

cVF requires no specialized hardware. It can use off-the-shelf cameras and computers, reducing costs even further. And by using just a single camera for image analysis, that’s fewer parts to buy and fewer parts to maintain. Single camera 3D vision is the quickest and most robust method to find a part in 3D – and only Robotic Vision Technologies can offer it!

Most Precise

In 2016, one of the world's largest automotive OEMs declared cVF the most precise 3D vision in the world.

Lowest Cost

cVF is priced and designed to be low cost from the ground up. No specialized hardware or programming.

Guaranteed Set-up

RVT guarantees the success of every installation with laboratory feasibility studies and personalized support.

Highly Reliable

cVF has been working on high revenue factory floors for over 15 years without downtime or maintenance. The software outlasts the hardware.

The rule of thumb in the industry is that you should budget at least 3x the price of the robot for all integration. With vision, you can significantly cut down that overhead expenditure by avoiding much of the costly hardware. See quicker ROIs, less support and maintenance, and a happier procurement deparment.

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