Commercially-Proven Products are Being Used Every Day

Robotic VISION Technologies provides a vision guided robotic software platform for industrial applications for the automotive, general manufacturing, materials handling, bottling, and inspection markets through its eVisionFactory™ (eVF) software. As a software platform, eVF provides a suite of tools and VGR technologies for engineers and developers to build reliable and scalable robust solutions.


eVF is a premier vision system software supplier in the automotive and manufacturing plants of Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volvo, Johnson & Johnson, and Harley Davidson. RVT has hundreds of installations at key customer plants and facilities in the automotive manufacturing, tier 1 suppliers, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and logistics industries.

Industrial Applications

Robotic VISION Technologies’ lists of industrial vision-guided robotic technologies are applied in various settings, for various part types and industries. Some of the generalized applications are listed below:

  • Structured Bin Picking
  • Semi-Structured Bin Picking
  • Completely Unstructured Random Bin Picking
  • Inventory Organization and Management
  • Motion Detection
  • Moving-line Part Tracking and Handling
  • Automotive Materials Handling and Assembly


Axle Knuckle and Brake Handling and Assembly

Engine Block Handling from Dunnage to Machining Center

Engine Head Handling from Dunnage

Intake Manifold Handling from Dunnage

Torque Convertor Robotic Handling from Dunnage

Transmission Cover Handling From Dunnage

Transmission Housing Handling From Dunnage

Crankshaft Handling From Dunnage

Engine Head Decking Placement On Engine Blocks

Part Inspection

Part Measurement

Part Transfer

Part Verification & Identification

Code Reading

Seam Sealing

Palletizing and De-palletizing

Racking and De-racking

Hood and Lift gate Centering


Benefits of Utilizing eVF-Powered Robots

  • Automates previously tedious, time-consuming manual labor
  • Reduces ergonomic issues
  • Drastically reduces errors
  • Prevents damage and contamination by eliminating manual handling
  • Detects defects by using in-line visual inspection for every part

Robotic VISION Technologies owns technology that has been commercially approved through research, development, and state-of-the-art vision software deployments since 1994. To date, RVT’s technology has been deployed in hundreds of product installations at Ford, GM, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Boeing, Battelle, Johnson & Johnson, Delphi, and others. Over $500 million dollars of capital equipment operate every day with RVT vision software.

RVT offers a fully diversified product offering to industrial markets. RVT is currently going through a process of educating these new markets on its technology and products.