About Us

Robotic VISION Technologies, LLC (RVT)  is a privately held software and support services company. It is independent and strategically  positioned to serve the machine vision industry which is experiencing significant growth. Machine vision is a technology that replaces or complements manual inspections, guidance, and measurements with digital cameras and imaging processes that are controlled by software. RVT’s deep platform of vision guided robotic software products allow robots and other automated machines to “see, think, and do.”  While the field of industrial robotics has realized remarkable advances in recent years, “vision” is often the missing link for these advanced robots and automated machine systems to increase efficiency and increase production while decreasing production costs and decreasing down time. Vision is becoming more and more a critical element in machine automation.

RVT is focused on applications in both the industrial and non-industrial markets. RVT’s technology ranges from the most advanced single and multi-camera 2D, 2.5D and 3D systems to its proprietary Random Bin Picking®, which has been described as “the holy grail” of machine vision. The company’s primary product and brand is eVisionFactory™ (eVF™) and it is considered the best-in-class Vision Guidance Robotic (VGR) software platform. eVF has been successfully installed in hundreds of applications over the last decade.

The company’s new and legacy products have installations in manufacturing plants that operate and control over approximately $500 million of capital equipment daily. eVF runs mission critical manufacturing and production applications. RVT has been awarded vendor codes with leading auto manufacturers. Some of RVT’s customers include Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota. Recently, the Lacks Enterprises Wheel and Trim divisions have standardized and specified that all of its vision requirements in its 27 plants will run on RVT vision products. Motoman Robotics has recently installed an “RVT Vision” option on selected robots.

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of RVT. In addition to its own development, the company has improved its legacy products. The company decided to focus on building its elite Technology Center and Robotic Laboratory in Bloomfield Hills , MI before introducing its new technology to the marketplace. To this end, the company has focused on enhancing its legacy products with new features as well as delivering new vision products to the marketplace. The recently-introduced eVF™ 6.5 Windows 7 includes over twelve enhancements and features from the previous legacy version eVF™ 5.0 Windows XP.  Plans are currently underway to launch eVF 7.0 in mid 2015 which will be compatible to run on any operating system and communicate directly to the automation machine for more efficient cycle time and reaction time. Today, the company is uniquely positioned with owning and licensing a proven, successful market-driven product with an experienced, nimble, and customer-responsive employee base. The RVT Technology Center contains a unique state-of-the-art robot laboratory with four different robots operating with eVF technology.

The RVT technology is best-in-class and is protected with six patents and seven patents pending. RVT is on schedule to release two new “game-changing” vision products as well as offering the unique combination of guidance and inspection in one product (which will be the first fully combined-in-one vision offering in the industry) in 2015. Additionally, RVT has partnered with a technology hardware company and will be distributing its own developed PC with embedded eVF™ software. Simple, standard, and easy to use in a high-quality, low-cost Vision Operator Panel which means better products for our customers.

RVT’s technical and support team is located in the manufacturing belt of the USA – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. RVT is also in discussions with a potential partner regarding the opening of an office and robotic laboratory in Mexico and expects to open an office in China in 2015.

RVT has also been awarded the BAE Systems Chairman’s Award and the Henry Ford Technology Award.