Robotic Vision Technologies Upgrades Critical Automobile Factories

March 13, 2018

Making cars has always been an important application of Robotic Vision Technologies and our advanced vision guided robotics systems. Thanks to our newest upgrades, those factories using RVT systems are operating faster, more efficiently, and with fewer mistakes than ever before.

RVT systems have been operating on critical equipment at car manufacturing plants in some cases for over a decade. That’s long time in the world of technology. We’ve made enhancements to our software that have moved beyond early operating systems like Windows XP. Our customers, who are very keen to stay on the cutting edge of technology, came and commissioned upgrades for the vision systems that had served them so well. We’ve obliged.

Our newest upgrades catapult operations to a new level. With it, factory production lines are able to run with very few mistakes and not a single fault. That accuracy is paired with an even faster processing speed, meaning that the machines run through their cycle times significantly faster.

Our new systems are already at work in several Toyota, Honda, and Ford plants. There’s a reason car makers are so eager to install RVT technology. Our eVisionFactory software was recently named the most accurate and precise vision guidance solution among global leaders in the industry. In a study by one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced automakers, RVT’s technology was found to be up to 100 times more precise than any of its competitors. In response, other manufacturing companies have commissioned us for the upgrade for many of their own systems.

These upgrades are just one of the major milestones for RVT. We will be marking new territory when we exhibit at the 2018 Vision Show April 10-12 in Boston, where we will have some exciting business announcements to go with a showcase of our technology. Stay tuned for our news, and if you’re in Boston for the show, be sure to stop by Booth 907 to meet us and see for yourself just how advanced machine vision can be.