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Craft breweries and robots: perfect industry for collaborative robots?

November 25, 2016

by Alex Owen-Hill, Robotiq Inc. November 23, 2016 http://robohub.org/craft-breweries-and-robots/ Craft brewing could be the perfect industry for collaborative robots. But, does automation mean losing your artisan status? We find...

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‘Believe it or not, automation may bring jobs back to the US’

November 18, 2016

November 16, 2016 David Edwards https://roboticsandautomationnews.com/2016/11/16/believe-it-or-not-automation-may-bring-jobs-back-to-the-us/8651/ One of the major concerns among blue collar workers is the fear that robotic automation will take jobs that are sorely needed by...

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Tesla Buying Germany’s Grohmann Engineering To Automate, Accelerate Production

November 11, 2016

Alan Ohnsman , FORBES STAFF Covering the intersection of technology, autos and mobility http://www.forbes.com/sites/alanohnsman/2016/11/08/tesla-buying-germanys-grohmann-engineering-to-automate-accelerate-production/#694382de2d84 In the midst of seeking investor approval for a merger with SolarCity Corp., Tesla made...

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Clearpath Robotics launches “Warthog UGV”, the amphibious robot

November 4, 2016

by Clearpath Robotics http://robohub.org/clearpath-robotics-launches-warthog-ugv-the-amphibious-robot/ November 3, 2016 Clearpath Robotics, a leading provider of mobile robotic platforms for research and development, has partnered with ARGO XTR to release Warthog –...

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