CIO Review selects Robotic VISION Technologies to its 20 Most Promising Robotics Solutions Providers for the 2nd straight year

September 28, 2016

Robotic VISION Technologies Inc., has been chosen by CIO Review magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Robotics Solutions Providers 2016 in the United States. It’s the second straight year RVT has been chosen to the prestigious list.

“To help companies in their bold endeavor to unleash true value and productivity with the right mix of robotics and operation resources, we present the thought-leadership and journey of a selective list of the 20 most promising robotics solutions providers,” CIO Review Managing Editor Jeevan George writes in an editorial of a Robotics Special issue devoted to the 20 companies. “The evolving forms of business functions, production and manufacturing processes across organizations are reflective of the change initiatives driven by the force of ‘technology’ and its constant mutation. Today, contrary to traditional organizational setups and production processes that need constant human intervention, robotics technology emerges into the spotlight—multi-tasking the operations and moving great physical payloads to unlock productivity, save time and automate repetitive workflows at cost-effective rates.

“Robotics is at the highest maturity state in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, defense, transportation and logistics that are literally at the cusp of a new revolution…the presence of functionality-rich bring in hopes for a future where enterprises would be able to complete automate redundant tasks to avoid wastage of human labor and instead direct it toward productive and revenue-generating avenues.”

Robotic VISION Technologies, based with its Technology Center & Robotic Lab in Silver Spring, Md., is a recognized leader in the field of Vision Guided Robotics (VGR). It has six patents and 14 pending patents.

“Our selection to the list of the 20 Most Promising Robotics Solutions Providers 2016 for the second straight year by CIO Review magazine reinforces our standing as a company that continues to be on the cutting-edge of the Robotics Revolution,” Robotic VISION Technologies Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rick Weidinger said. “We are a developer of software that is propelling the critical role of vision into the many fields that will enhance the economy and improve lives around the world.”

Other top 20 Most Promising Robotics Solutions Providers 2016 chosen by CIO Review are 5D Robotics, ABB, Animusoft, Balyo, Blue Ocean Robotics, BlueBotics, Carter Control Systems, Concept Systems, Energid Technologies, Enterprise Integration, FerRobotics, Flexicell, Genfour, iRobot, Kryon Systems, Liquid Robotics, OpenConnect, Perpetuuiti and Pollux Automation.